The district gets rain from south west Monsoons. The rainfall period is from June to September. However rain generally falls in the months of June and July upto the end of October.The district falls under the assured rainfall zone and average rainfall ranging from 500 to 900 mm.

The climate of the Buldhana district is generally dry and hot , Buldhana town itself i.e. district headquarters has a comparatively cool weather and is considered to be the most pleasant place in district . It is characterised by Hot and Dry summers and cold winters with the seasonal variation in the temperature being pretty large.


Fair at Shegaon on Ram Navami in Chaitra lunar month of Hindu calendar (or Chaitra Masa Suklapaksha Navami). The folk arts are Bhajan, Keertan and Gondhal. Nihali language a language isolate of India, is spoken by some 2,000 people (1991) in the Buldana district of Maharashtra. Speakers are bilingual in Korku language, Hindi or Marathi language.


As per 2001 Census the Total population is 22,32,480 Male population :11,47,403 Female population :10,85,077

Near about 78.8% peoples are living in rural area & 21.2% are in town and urban areas

The number of Females per One Thousand Males population is 946.

The percentage of SC population is 10.8% (Total :241,623 Male:123,418 Female:118,205)of total district population.

The percentage of ST population is 5.2% (Total:115,156 Male:59,168 Female:55,988)

The Literacy percentage of Buldhana is 75.8 % the total Male literates are 86.9% whereas Female literate are 64.1%

The total number of Households are 445,634 and Household size is 5.0.

The total number of villages are 1433 & Total Municipal corporations and Municipal Councils are 11.