Disater Management

Departmental Work

  1. This branch of District Office is kept open round the clock and 365 days a year
  2. The personnel is appointed in every six month to this branch
  3. The calamity information is collected talukawise and controlled over
  4. The Calamity management Blue Print is kept ready To keep Update of the above, To organize thought exchange seminars, To verify the authenticity of Blue Print, To take the simulation
  5. To make the Blue Print of Pilgrim
  6. To Strengthen the disaster management To keep prepare the boat club, H.A.M. Group, To train Non Government agencies , Social institution and collages, Hospitals and District Emergency Centre
  7. To train and strengthen : Administration, Engineers, Architecture, Doctors , Students and Teachers, Media, Industrial Houses etc.
  8. To organiseorganize public awareness programme: By showing feature films, tele-films, posters, radio jingles, folk song, essay competition
  9. To print the booklet showing principles and certify them
  10. To form the search and rescue squad at District and Taluka level
  11. To maintain and check the required material at the time of flood situation
  12. To form the Flood Control Committee at Gram Level
  13. To circulate the warning information received from observatory about Natural Calamity to talukas
  14. To coordinate with District Health Agencies regarding warn wave / Sunstroke
  15. To provide help Flood/ Fire /Thunder Storm