Places of Interest

Shegaon and surrounding area has shortage of water and hence Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, Shegaon felt the need of a lake with ample of water in Shegaon which would help to solve the scarcity of water. With this aim Shree Sansthan created the artificial lake in Shegaon by lifting water from Man River (9 Km away from Shegaon) into the lake of Anand Sagar. But the mothly expenditure Rs. 50 Lakh for this purpose caused financial burden on Sansthan. Even then, the Sansthan carried out the project of Anand Sagar Lake, in order to increase the water table in surrouding areas of Shegaon. Not only this, the Shree Sansthan decided to develop this lake and its surrounding area with unique combination of spirituality and Amusement park for devotees with nominal donation. And the revenue from it would help to deal with water problem. With this noble vision and objective Shree Sansthan’s most innovative project- Anand Sagar came into exbtance with Shree’s blessings.

The grand entrance gate of Anand Sagar built in pink Rajasthan’s Stone with great aesthtic sense and beautiful carvings, hint at the stunning treasure inside. Adding to this, the spectrum of floral beauty and its colours add much more pleasure with the nature’s perfume. Through this entrance, the visitor gets enthralled with amazing creation at every step.

Once we enter through the grand entrance gate, a glimpse of Anand Sagar in the enormous area can be viewed. Immediately the fascinating fountains with rhythmic flow of water catch our sight wich is surrounded by the great gallery of Galaxy of Saints. In semicircle shape the idols of 18 saints, representing 18 states of India have been installated and at the center, the idol of Shri Gajanan Maharaj with radiant face, is surrounded with pleasant showers. Even each idol also reflects the great philosophy and thought of the saint.

Features of Anand Sagar

  • Drinking water at various points in the entire premices while taking round in Anand Sagar.
  • Umbrella, Caps etc are available for the visitors while taking round in Anand Sagar, to protect from heat, at free of cost.
  • Wheel chairs for the handicapped to visit all places of Anand Sagar.
  • Prams (Baba Gadi) for Babies.
  • Spacious parking for all vehicles.
  • A mini train to have glimpse of the premises.
  • Needless to say, Vidarbha region is not truely blessed by nature. Poor rainfall and the scarching heat lead to dry land without greenary. But sincere efforts, good vision and creativity can certainly do great magic.And Shegaon’s Anand Sagar is the best example of that. In such hostile condition, Shree Sansthan had dreamt ‘Anand Sagar’ on the bank of a lake. With the blessinng of Sadguru Shri GajananMaharaj, this incrediable task came true. Through Anand Sagar, Shree Sansthan has proved how the most challenging projects can be successful even in unfreindly condition. Such a dream project with incrediable creation takes place in a small and remote place like Shegaon. Isn’t it a great achievment and yet another assest of the holy town – Shegaon!

    Place for rest

    The premises of Anand Sagar has a vast area where the visitors can naturally wish to rest for few minitues. Shri Sansthan already thought about it while designing Anand Sagar. And so, there are sufficient points for rest in Anand Sagar on the way of Dwaraka Bet and Shri Vivekanand Meditation center Such points have the beautiful Arch with designs surrounding by tender creepers and colourful flowers. Once the visitors settle down on wooden benches for few minitues, such tranquil ambiance completely refresh them and the tired feet get energy to cover the rest of the points of Anand Sagar.

    Anand Sagar is not merely a commercial amusement park but it is strongy based on the spiritual heritage and the grand Hindu Culture. Even Anand Sagar also respects all the faith and religions from different states and it has the idols of many Saints from India. Not only this, various boards in Anand Sagar flash the thoughts based on our great culture, which certainly inculcate and enlighten the viewers. The beautiful temples – is another salient feature of Anand Sagar. The great temple of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh, Navgraha etc are the outstanding examples of the art of sculpture. Extra-ordinary creation, pillers with catchy designs and arch with beautiful carvings certainly make the viewers to sallute the skill of artist.

    Hanging Bridge

    The hanging bridge for reaching at Dwarka Bet is not only an excellent creation but it is also a wonderful experience to cross it. This worth visiting experience of the hanging bridge gives a better glimpse of the lake. The calm water flowing under the bridge and the fragrance of flowers of the plants on the bridge literally connect us to an ideal rendezvous to view the beautiful sight of Anand Sagar.

    Swami Vivekanand Dhyan Kendra: (Meditation Center)

    Swami Vivekanand Dhyan Kendra is the climax of the most incredible project – Anand Sagar which is showering the most joyful experience on the visitors. In this Paradise, Dhyan Kendra is the most distinguished place, which reflects the spiritual base of Anand Sagar. Swami Vivekanand facilitated the people to get salvation through the new philosopy-‘Divine progress through Meditation’. In short, the visit to Anand Sagar would be incomplete without the meditation in the calm and quiet atmosphere of Dhyan Kendra.

    The calm, quite and the determined face of Swamiji directly appeal us to get connected with it.And getting fully engrossed with the entire beautiful premices of Anand Sagar one can certainly enjoy the pleaseant heavenly experience.

    Aquarium: (At the right side of Saint Gallary)

    The aquarium in Anand Sagar has a rich variety of Fishes found in different water-bodies in India. Once we enter in this aquarium, one feels like passing through caves. At different points the colourful spectrum of light overcomes the darkness of the cave and through it, the wonderful movements of colouful fish in water hold the visitors spellbound. And particulary the children are so much fascinated with it that they are reluctant to leave the aquarium.

    Children Park (At the Left side of saint Gallary)

    Here the Children in large number can enjoy at a time one hence in Anand Sagar their prime focus is to rush at this park for enjoing slides, and different games. The Children park with lot of greenary totally ensures the pleasent child hood which tempts the elders to be a child again.

    Other highlights of Anand Sagar

    The Eveceulent sculptures of Gods, Goddesses, Saint and brave warriors, images of birds and animals at different points.

    The arch and pillers with beautiful designs and carving.

    Thus the most beautiful display of the skill of sculpturs, which decorate the premises in a unique manner.


    Amphi-theatre i.e. an open threatre is very rare, and can be found at very few selected places in India. Anand Sagar is one of such important places in the country where Amphy-theatre is one more feather in its cap of this unique place.

    Shree Sansthan had multiple objectives to facilitate amphy-theatre in Anand Sagar. Along with musical fountains, the Shree Sansthan had a noble aim to pramote our grand Hindu culture through the veligious and spiritual programmes, pravachan and Kirtan etc and amphy-theatre is the platform for such spiritual activities. The statues of the legendary charactres like the Great saint Shri Sant Dnyaneshwar, the Great Youth-Icon and philosopher Swami Vivekand, Great Emperor Shivaji Maharaj and the Brave Warrior Maharana Pratap, Adorn the surroundigns of Amphy-theatre.

    Features of Amphy-theatre

  • Grand Ambience.
  • Spacious stage.
  • Most advanced sound and light system.
  • Mesmerzing show of Musical fountains.
  • Eco friendly seating amangment – natural steps with green grass.
  • Meals and coffee house:

    In the enormous area of Anand Sagar, the various Bhojan kakshaand coffee house quench the thirst and completely satisfy the taste of visitors. Not only the snacks, tea, coffee and soft drinks, but also the preparation of variety of dishes from different regions is served here. The huge Bhojan kaksha for meals is at the parking of Anand Sagar and also inside the premises.

Girda area always attracts tourists due to its beautiful and scenic hilltops on the spiritual level of the Ajanta mountain range

Just 16 km from Buldhana District headquarter Girda is a village on the Ajanta Caves Road. This village has an old identity due to ancient Mahadev temple. This village has spiritual significance. When Pandavas are in exile, Arjun made an arrow and created a source of drinking water here. Five springs were created out of it. It is said that the same water goes out of Gomuko till date.

Taking tourism to the spiritual center, taking part in the scenic area of Panchziri and its religious importance, tourism is now organized in this area.

Gyan Ganga Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Buldhana Khamgaon State Road, in Buldhana district, with 205 sq. Ft. spread in the area. The Boetha village, which is in the area of this sanctuary, is the old village

Anababarwa sanctuary

Anababarwa sanctuary is spread about 127 sq. mt. in Sangrampur taluka of Buldhana district.

In the Satpura mountain range of the district, the Ambabarwa Sanctuary located in the border areas of Madhya Pradesh and Melghat is a boon for natural diversity and this sanctuary is known as the main forest tourist center of the district.

The Rajur Ghat on the road of Buldhana-Malkapur, adjacent to the city is full of natural beauty and various temples, and rivers in the area have added beauty to nature.The Buldhana city situated on the hill of Ajantha, due to Alaikic beauty and a place of cold air, the British had started the district work since its reign. During the independence, the city of Buldhana got the status of district. Though today the population has increased in a big way, the natural beauty surrounding the city is hushing tourists in the area every year.

Whenever going to Malkapur from Buldhana city, there is the temple of Venkatagiri Balaji first of all. The replica of Balaji in Tirumala is made here and there are hills in the area. There is a Sankatmochan Hanuman Mandir at Rajur Ghat on one turn. From this place the beauty of the hill town of Buldhana and the beauty of the hill of Rajur can be found. Then there is the Durgama Temple in the valley while going to Rajur village in Motala taluka.

In the area around the deep water reservoir, a green shawl covered with mountains everywhere and a large number of water from the Nalganga dam in front of the city of Motala added more to the nature. From this place you get different experience while taking the view of sunrise and sunset. Then there is a temple of Lord Shiva situated in front of Mohegaon and 15 feet deep in the underground land. In this area, water from Nalganga river will be filled with heavy water. Every year, during the month of Shravan, the beauty of the hills of Ajintha in the city of Buldhana is known to tourists. In this place, visiting tourists from other districts do not live without the love of nature.