Employment Guarantee Scheme Department

About Department

Department Name: Employment Guarantee Scheme

Department Information: To make available works under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, 50 Crore Tree Planting Scheme, Jalakit Shivar campaign, River revival Schemes etc. are implemented

Departmental Work

  1. With the help of Agencies and Gram pnachayat Different works are made available under this Scheme
  2. Implementation of 50 Crore Tree Plantation Scheme
  3. For expansion of irrigation area the Deepening the river, Farm Lake, NalaSaralikaranunder the Jalyukta Shivar Programme
  4. Horticulture procedure is implemented under Personal Horticulture Scheme
  5. To give Administrative Approval to the works of River resurrection, Nala Saralikaran etc
  6. The Audit is maintain under MGNREGA
  7. To take the stock of the meeting with the help of Website of the respective Scheme
  8. To maintain the Establishment work under this Scheme (23 Employees)
  9. The control is kept over the above objectives with the help of online portal
  10. The contractual Employees are appointed and paid monthly by Setu Committee
  11. All the work regarding “Zillha Baithak”
  12. By taking the stock of the situation immediate orders are issued